2018 Top Sales Tools 


Tools that help you know which leads to target and equip your team highly pre-qualified prospects, so they don’t end up wasting 30% of their time researching leads.
1. Linkedin Sales Navigator (https://business.linkedin.com/sa)
Linkedin’s solution has become invaluable to find the right decision makers within your targeted companies. 
2. Radius (http://radius.com)
Modern, advanced tool to find SMB prospects in the US.
3. Pipetop (http://pipetop.com)
A tool that helps sales teams find just the right companies to prospect based on 30 segmentation filters (num of employees, technologies in use, ad spend, social media, web traffic). Especially strong within EU countries.
A sales intelligence tool that is strong in personal contact info, especially in the US.
5. Buildwith (http://builtwith.com)
A tool that specialises in figuring out what technology websites are build with. Great for initial bulk segmentation if you are selling a technology solution.


A newer breed of tools that are inspired by Aaron Ross‘ book Predictable Revenue. They all in some way help sales development reps reach out to targeted prospects via cold email campaigns.
1. Outreach (http://outreach.io)
Probably the most advanced tool for scalable email outreach.
Another great tool for scalable email outreach. It features a startup friendly pricing (even with a free tier) and a super helpful team behind it.
3. Yesware (http://yesware.com)
If you want to have more control over your cold email reachouts and not put them on autopilot, Yesware is the tool to use. Integrates seamlessly with Google Apps and enables templates, scheduling and follow up reminders.
4. Voila Norbert (VoilaNorbert)
This is a super simple tool that does only one thing – helps you find emails of your prospects. I’ve tried a ton of similar tools and keep coming back to Voila Norbert.
5. FollowUp (https://followup.cc/)
A simple email tool that integrates with your Google Apps email account and helps you easily schedule follow up reminders.


CRM is the heart of every sales team. The place where your team books all the leads, moves them into different stages, logs the conversations and more.
The slickest and smartest CRM on the planet. It’s main differentiator is that it helps your get away from the boring data entry tasks. Started as RelateIQ and has recently been rebranded into SalesforceIQ (after acquisition by SF).
2. Saleforce (http://saleforce.com)
The godfather of cloud CRMs that has become a platform with a huge ecosystem of tools that augment it. Must use for every bigger sales team.
3. Close.io (http//close.io)
Not the best looking UI, but really well working feature set. Would recommend to every early stage startup.
4. Pipedrive (http://pipedrive.com)
Easy to use CRM, great for SMBs, heavy emphasis on pipeline management.
5. Base CRM (https://getbase.com/)
Slick CRM, tons of features for integrating call and email tracking.


A set of tools that help accelerate the sales process by either mining through the CRM and helping the reps with actionable next steps or augment the CRM with a an important piece of functionality that isn’t available natively.
This tool connects to your work email, analyses each sales related email and updates or adds appropriate info into the CRM.
2. Brisk (http://brisk.io)
An amazing add-on for every team that uses Salesforce. It constantly keeps track of what’s going on in the CRM and helps the sales reps with follow-ups, data entry reminders and managing other sales activities.
3. Ringio (http://ringio.com)
A tool that integrates with your CRM and makes automated calling and logging a breeze. 
4. Velocify (http://velocify.com/)
Another slick automated calling solution, mainly aimed at companies using Saleforce.
Part analytics part sales acceleration product. Specifically aimed at field sales teams with a big emphasis on mobile features that help reps stay up-to-date and eliminate data entry.


These tools help your quota-carrying reps streamline demos, presentations, share and collaborate on all the sales assets.
A complete solution for sales collateral (presentations, proposals, contracts) creation and distribution that integrates with your CRM.
A tool that creates a space” for all your team’s sales collateral. This can then be directly worked on or shared with a prospect.
3. Attach (http://attach.io)
Nice tool to help your sales reps see who and how interacts with your sales collateral. 
Another sales collateral management solution. Helps to tie together marketing that creates the content with sales that distributes it.
A sales collateral solution with great overview and search functionality and a plethora of integrations to other systems (Salesforce, Box, Dropbox, Free Screen Sharing and Online Meetings).


Various tools that help motivate your sales team, have better overview over the performance of each sales rep and conduct better meetings.
1. Ambition (https://ambition.com/)
A Y Combinator sales gamification company. It has everyting you would expect from it: leaderboards, TV views, sales contests, etc.
Another sales team gamification solution with a huge emphasis on organising and managing effective sales competitions.
A tool that focuses on sales management cadence and helps sales managers conduct focused one-on-ones with their team members.
4. Plecto (http://plecto.com)
A hugely customisable sales gamification platform. Rich TV view with real-time notifications and featuring beautiful design.
Sales team gamification product with leaderboards, contests, etc. Tightly integrated with Salesforce.


A set of tools that help sales managers get insight into the pipeline, identify the bottlenecks and easily act on it.
1. Insightsquared (http://www.insightsquared.com/)
A BI solution specifically made for Salesforce users.
Gooddata is a more general BI solution with a good support for Salesforce.
Probably the biggest player in the cloud analytics space. Also featuring support for Salesforce and other connectors to other big CRM vendors.  
A pretty fresh analytics platform from Salesforce. Obviously tightly integrated with SF’s offering, but much more expensive than for example Insightsquared above.


There are a few new tool popping up that offer easy integrations between various SaaS tools. Usually featuring Salesforce and other CRMs as one of the biggest selling points.
1. Built.io (https://www.built.io/)
Integration provider for bigger companies. Featuring support for all big SaaS sales solutions.
Another stable integration provider with a more accessible pricing. Featuring a ton of integrations between major sales and marketing systems.
3. Zapier (http://zapier.com)
A startup friendly SaaS tool connector. Great for quick and easy straightforward integrations. Support for all major CRM vendors.
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