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What Can 50 Prospects a Day Do For You?

Sales Pipeline Inconsistent?

If you need a more consistent Sales Pipeline we can help.

Having a couple of additional meetings with qualified ideal clients each week can be the difference between making your sales goals and not. Often time sales teams and people binge on their sales efforts. Whether by choice or poor habit, the discipline of being methodical in sales efforts is rarely consistent throughout a year.
67% of Salespeople spend their time on no selling activities. 
                                          ~ Gartner Research
We’ve all seen the last minute sales promotions at the end of a month or quarter.
There is a better way to grow a sales pipeline and end the binge’ing. Imagine the value of contacting 50 ideal clients every day 5 days a week. In no time you can start to have key sales meetings, more deal flow and ultimately make your sales goals.
Do not stop at just reaching out to 50 new ideal clients every day. You need to follow up with all the people who don’t respond. We’ve found that you double, triple or quadruple your response rates if you keep trying to have a short conversation with your ideal clients.