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Grow your email list, pipeline and your customer base with done-for-you prospecting by Sales Ignition.

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal

… is to help 1,000 companies generate $1 Billion Dollars worth of Sales Pipeline. We have spent more than 15 years in sales and business development. We help sales teams from the Fortune 500 to startups design, build and optimized outbound sales systems. We are experts in using sales automation tools to double your prospecting without doubling your head count.

Being in the entrepreneurial world most of our careers we have seen many businesses with great products fail because they lacked a sustainable sales pipeline to become and remain profitable. We have also seen many companies attempt to do lead generation with poor attempts to 1) be impactful to current goals and 2) remain relevant long after initial campaigns are started.

We are here to re-define the expectations of lead generation. 1.6% engagement will no longer be the norm. Instead an engagement of 20% or more with only interested people who want your product or service.

Steven Wagner

Managing Partner

Steven has found 4 technology companies. He started Sales Ignition to help companies develop effective lead generation programs and build perpetual sales machines that use digital marketing to get a positive ROI.

Joe Milam

Managing Partner

For half his career, Joe built out indirect channels for one of the most successful distributors in the world. The other half has been spent in start up world having found and sold two technology startups himself and worked for several others. Joe has made a career out of selling and building teams to sell some of the most advanced technology on the market.

Cristina Fumagalli


Cristina has worked with the Sales Ignition for 9 years. She handles all financial, accounting and billing responsibilities of Sales Ignition.

Emmanuel Johnson

Data Engineer

Emmanuel is responsible for data engineering for our clients. His responsibility is for engineering the data that goes into our outbound lead generation campaigns. He is also a Doctorate candidate at Clemson University in Computer Science, Machine Learning.

Free Consultation

Let’s start with a conversation about your business. Get in touch here,
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Questions & Answers

What happens after I purchase?
After you click "buy now" and complete your purchase of any of the packages listed above, you’ll receive an email from a manager within one business day. From there, we’ll coordinate a time for a call learn about your business and plan your first batch of topics. If you prefer to kick things off via email, that’s fine too!
Do I have to use WordPress?
Although we recommend WordPress, we can work with whatever blog platform you use! We’re experienced with SquareSpace, Ghost, and others, and we’re happy to learn the process for publishing to your blog. If you’d prefer to handle the publishing steps, that’s fine too.
Do I need to use a certain email tool?
We specialize and recommend Drip as our email marketing tool of choice. But we can work with whichever tool you're using, whether it's Drip, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Active Campaign, and others.
How many people will be working on my content?
Every piece of content is worked on by a writer, an editor, a designer, an assistant, and a manager, who all handle specific parts of our production process.
How will you know my industry/audience well enough to write content for them?
We’ve developed a comprehensive research process that we go through with every new client. It involves interviewing you, learning about your business and customers, as well as researching your industry, competitors, and doing keyword research. We also aim to keep the same writer working on all of your content so over time they get more and more in tune with your audience.
Can I speak to someone before purchasing?
bsolutely! Request a free consultation here and you’ll be able to schedule a time for a call at our earliest availability (typically within 1 business day).
Can I see samples of your work?
Sure can! Click here to request a copy of our sample articles pack.
What kind of results can I expect?
Our clients are probably best equipped to answer that for you. Watch reviews from some of our longtime clients in their own words 🙂
What is a “Content Upgrade”?

A “Content Upgrade” is a unique (mini) lead magnet placed on an individual blog article. It's an embedded email opt-in, which offers a piece of bonus content, like a checklist or worksheet or template. The fact that it's so relevant to the topic of the article makes it convert exceptionally well.

When you order articles with “the works”, or if you're on our Autopilot Service, we include creating and setting up a unique content upgrades every one of those articles.

Where is your team based?
Our team is fully remote, but we're headquartered in Connecticut. All of our writers, editors, and managers are based in the United States. Our assistants, designers, and software developers are based throughout Asia and Europe.
How will I communicate with you?
Most of our communication will happen via email, with your account manager being your main point of contact. For new clients, we typically hold an initial kickoff call to learn about your business and customers. We can also arrange periodic calls as-needed. The manager and writer who work on your account will be included on your calls.
Is there a reseller or affiliate program?

Some of our clients resell our services to their clients and we can work in that way. We're able to be "invisible" or you can put us in contact with whoever you need us to communicate with.

At this time, we don't have an official affiliate or referral system, but get in touch to discuss options.

I have more questions...
you have questions about working with us, start by scheduling a free consultation here. Any other inquiries, simply send us an email.

We help people like…

“I recommend Sales Ignition to everyone who wants to build their audience with high quality content on a regular basis. They’ve delivered articles that our customers love, and freed us up to focus on improving our service.”

Marylou Tyler

Revenue Growth Expert, Strategic Pipeline

“Sales Ignition has helped us use sales automation to generate sales opportunities by consistently targeting and connecting us with our ideal end users. Prior to this project, we have never seen leads develop from this type of program. I highly recommend looking into using them to grow your pipeline. ”

Ben Baum

National Sales Manager, Panasonic

“We are able to focus on closing sales and not distracted with all the lead generation and prospecting efforts any sales team has to do. Sales Ignition has been the key to our success their team quickly helped us identify and build a highly targeted list of our ideal customers

Eric Hassman

CEO, Forgge

Get Off The Content Treadmill

Sales Ignition

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