Some answers to our most common pre-sale questions. If you have other questions please contact us at go@sales-ignition.com and one of our team members will help you.

What is Sales Ignition?  

Sales Ignition is a sales consultancy made up of senior sales executives with startup as well as Fortune 100 experience.  The vision for Sales Ignition is simple, work with up to 1000 companies to build a collective sales pipeline of $1b.  The only true question is are you ready to sign up for this kind of sales success?

How much should I budget?  

Depending on the requirements of your company our programs usually start with an Ideal Client Assessment costing $1500.00.  From there we either engage in a coaching arrangement or a full service, turnkey solutions start at $3,000 a month. You should also consider your contact database needs. If you have an existing database, Great. If not, Sales Ignition can handle that as well.

Can you build a list for us?

Yes, our database development can quickly develop a list of contacts for use with your campaigns.

What sales automation tools do you work with?

We work with a wide range of sales automation tools just some of the tools we can work with are: Outrearch.io, Salesloft, Insidesales.com, persisitiq.com, replyapp.io and many more.

What types of companies make the best fit?  

We have found that established sales teams are the best fit for us.  You must have closers on staff.  You must have an offering that your prospects want.  You must be wanting to grow.  None of us have time for companies who want to simply put a checkmark in a box.  This requires full engagement to be successful.

How long to typical engagements last?  

Depending on sales cycles, our initial engagements typically last for 6 months.  Our clients tell us that it is usually at the end of 6 months when they start to “get it” and really get into the processes we have built.

How many leads will you send me?

Depends on the market size we are addressing for you and the offer you have to your audience.  As long as your offer solves an issue or reduces pain for your target client then you should get a good response.  Keep in mind the more specific you are in who you are targeting the better the results.  If you are not clear on who you are targeting our work and your money will be wasted.

What is my guarantee this works?

30 Day money back guarantee – if you are not completely satisfied then contact us to get a quick and full refund. .

Are these leads qualified?

We do our best to qualify any lead we get back but it is truly up to our client to determine if they are qualified or not.  Our job is to identify the opportunity and let the client qualify.

I already have tools. How can you help?

We can provide a variety of consultations on Ideal Client Profiles, Prospecting Framework, Templates, Reporting and Metrics, Campaign Structures and List Development.