by Derek Landers – Operations Manager for Sales Ignition

The Scientific Method goes back over 1000 years and was created from the necessity for a process to prove things. Proper execution involves Scientists proposing questions, testing predictions, and making observations on those findings. It’s not sexy. Neither is finding new business.

Frankly, it’s more like Dungeons and Dragons for sales.

I digress. Logic is the driving force behind The Scientific Method, and should be the backbone of your company’s program.  Let me make a few Hypothesis……….

  • Your prospecting efforts are not as effective as you were lead to believe
  • You feel like you’ve been misrepresented by a Lead Gen firm

Perhaps the problem lies in how you’re conveying your message. Visit, and firmly put your offering into our “Scientific Process”.

So, I “Propose” that the first step is to ask yourself how much logic you’re putting into your prospecting efforts. After using the ValueGrid,  I “Hypothesize” that you’ll find new value to the message you’re putting forward.