3X your cold outreach into ideal clients and generate warm leads for your sales team. We create and manage sales-campaigns to maintain a steady daily volume of out bound (cold) emails targeted at your key accounts, so your sales reps don’t have it. 
  • Save up to 11.2 hours per week per sales rep 

  • 3x Your Outreach/Prospecting Volume 

  • Get up to 28% Response Rate 

  • Lower your Customer Acquisition Cost up to 50% 

We build and operate sales campaigns for your sales reps and handle all the time consuming messy prospecting details that bog down sales teams. We keep a daily outreach volume to your targeted accounts. 

We handle: 

  •  A/B Testing of Messaging
  • Optimize sending schedule based on real time results 
  • Maintain a  minimum of 50 new contacts per day per rep 
  • Follow up with a min. of 150 contacts that havent responded 
  • Pass along all leads to your reps in real time 
  • Schedule First Step Appointments for your reps (discovery call, assessment conversations, etc.) 
  • Provide a dossier to you on each warm response 
  • Connect on Linkedin with Ideal Clients
  • Handle Referrals into appropriate person(s) 
  • Refill Contact Database
  • Building Contact Lists 

What makes Sales Ignition unique?

We do all of our outreach under the guise of your reps. This means little to no confusion at the vital hand off. 

Don’t stop prospecting! 

We keep your outreach going no matter if you have a deals in the work, head count turn over or another internal activity that requires your sales reps time. We can increase or reduce the volume to meet your team’s needs and size.