Other Options from Sales Ignition for Reply App Prospects and Customers

Reply App Boot Camp – $2500.00 (two day workshop)

  • Come to Greenville SC or we can come to you (cost doesn’t include travel and expenses).  
  • Choose this program if you have a team you would like to train on how to best utilize Reply App.
  • We help your team build their own campaigns in your own instance of Reply App.
  • We share with your team the best practice approach to building their campaigns.  Most importantly, the things NOT to do.

Fast Start Coaching (ongoing support of campaign) – $500.00/month

  • Help client maintain (1) campaign
  • Meet for up to 1 hour each week to review process and campaign progression
  • Make suggestions / modifications
  • 3 Month Minimum
  • Coaching on up to 5 Campaigns (If you require more please contact us for pricing)
  • Pure coaching engagement – client engagement required.

Full Engagement – $3000+ (6 month engagement)

  • Management and construction of a comprehensive sales pipeline process utilizing outbound lead generation, landing pages, content development and retargeting of all efforts.
    • Includes at least 50 new validated prospects and 150 follow up emails being sent every day for each of your sales representatives!
    • Weekly meetings with sales team to review / modify campaigns.

Reply App Technical Consulting

Whether you are just getting started with Reply App or want our help taking your systems to the next level, the Sales Ignition Technical Consultants are available to help. We’ll work with you to scope out your project, and agree on the best way to support you. We can work over the phone, or come to your office to solve your challenges.

When you have a project, a new push, or a specific challenge, the Sales Ignition Technical Consulting team is a great fit.  Here’s a list of some areas we work on:

  • API Integrations
  • CRM Integrations
  • eCommerce Integrations
  • Custom Templates
  • Assistance with HTML/CSS/Javascript customization
  • Custom technical projects
  • Lead generation sourcing
  • Content Creation
  • Landing Page Development
  • Ad Retargeting – sales funnel specific retargeting campaigns