Klaviyo is a popular email marketing platform used by a wide range of businesses and websites, from small online stores to large e-commerce companies. While it’s difficult to determine exactly which websites are the “biggest” users of Klaviyo, some well-known companies that have publicly disclosed their use of the platform include:

  1. ColourPop Cosmetics
  2. Brooklinen
  3. Chubbies
  4. MVMT Watches
  5. Figs
  6. ThirdLove
  7. Hims
  8. Hubble Contacts
  9. Kopari Beauty
  10. Lola

These are just a few examples of the many companies that use Klaviyo to power their email marketing campaigns. Klaviyo is well-suited for e-commerce businesses that want to create highly targeted and personalized email campaigns to drive engagement and sales. With its robust segmentation and automation features, Klaviyo allows businesses to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, helping them to build stronger relationships with their customers and ultimately drive more revenue.