everyOutbound Lead Generation – the art of consistently contacting people that resemble your ideal client profile.

Don’t make it harder by prospecting in your CRM.

I see a fair amount of sales people and entrepreneurs buy, build or scrape a list of contacts and add that to their CRM adn start emailing out of it. Here is why you need to STOP doing this.

Before I begin, I want to clarify some terms here:

Suspects – people or companies that resemble your ideal clients. They have not engaged with you or your company.

Prospects – these are people or companies that have engaged in some way be it signing up for your newsletter, calling your business, responding to emails, etc. but have NOT bought from you.

Clients – people who buy from YOU.

It is important to establish that because the term prospecting – would lead one to believe that these people are “prospects” and should be in your CRM.

Your CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) should be saved for actual clients and prospects. Not keeping track of who an email has been sent to. What phone calls were made. In essence keep “suspects” out of the CRM.

Reason #1 – Garbage In – No Matter How Hard You Try!

We typically see on average, 20% of the custom, contact databases built to be immediately out of date. So If you or your sales team enter 1000 contacts – you will probably have 200 lost. Do this consistently and you have database of junk!

Reason#2 – Responses = GOLD

Responses matter!

If someone never responds, then why are they in your CRM?

So lets say you get an average 10% response to your emails or calls. So we take that group and now have some data to possibly add them to the CRM. Good fit. Bad Fit. Working. Etc. So from your original list of 1,000 only 10% respond.

Screenshot 2016-01-15 19.36.44We are left with 70% that are in the database and never did anything for the business. (1,000 Р200 (bad data) Р(800 remaining Р10% = 720) see the example below. Your CRM is now filled with 920 Records (200 Bad Data + 720 no response)  that are either bad or unresponsive.


Do this every month and the database starts to look like junk! 92% of your database is now garbage.

Screenshot 2016-01-15 19.36.53


Reason # 3 – Someone is assigned -every lead,

even if they never speak with them. Almost all CRM’s require or by default assign a person. If you are putting/entering “suspects” before they respond then someone is getting too much credit for a contact in your CRM. If you rep leaves then someone has to try an make sense of “suspects” that never response.

Reason # 4 CRM’s Struggle to¬†Automate Prospects

Almost all CRM’s cannot out of the box do much automation (email based on rules) so you have to use another tool to still go outbound. So the work (making a list, then importing that list to a tool) is duplicated.

Final Thoughts…

So save yourself time and headache and use a toolset to do the prospecting, and the CRM to track active deals as the start ONCE the prospects RESPOND! Or better yet, request a demo and have our team manage your outbound and then transition the leads into your CRM.